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M.I.A. FOR A BIT! | Gina Gentile Photography, Long Island Photographer

If you follow me on Instagram or on Facebook, you know that I'm a pretty active poster. I'm not one of those people who flood your feed (or am I?), but I definitely love showing off my favorite images from a session. I try my best to keep my website updated with pictures from some of my latest photoshoots, but sometimes I fall behind when it comes to blogging about them. When the holidays come around, every photographer is going out of their minds booking sessions, shooting sessions and of course editing them. With all that non-stop action going on, it's easy to forget to do things like blog or update my website. I'm not sure how many people read my blog, but even it's 1 (or possibly none haha!), I like to stay on top of things. It's no excuse, but my mind has definitely been a little preoccupied lately with ideas for what I feel is a better approach to growing my business. There are many GREAT photographers in this field, but I'm trying hard to stand out and make myself unique. I have a lot of plans for 2016 and if you have been following me, you may have seen that I've already started incorporating some of them by adding things to my website like the new "Baby Plans" or the "Baby Registry" (if you haven't, you should check it out!). These are just a few ways to show that I am committed to making not only my business better, but to also give back to all of my past, present and future clients. For those who may not know where my head is when it comes to my business model, my biggest goal is to build a brand where you can get high-end custom photography and products without any type of limitation. I am continuing to grow my business with the "Build Your Own" aspect in mind to help create an all around better experience when a client books a session with me. Things are slowly coming together, but they should all be in play soon enough!

Thank you for the continued love and support. You are the reason why I push myself every single day to do better and bigger things!


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