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I'm Gina; a Long Island mom (to both a human and fur-children), wife (to the greatest man), and of course, photographer. I was born and raised in (or on. However you want to word it!) Long Island, so I guess you can call me your typical "New Yorker". I curse a lot, yell while laughing, get a bit of road rage, love myself a good BEC sandwich, pizza/bagels are life, and my family/friends mean everything to me. I'm dead center on a scale of "girly-girl" to "tomboy". I enjoy makeup, hair, fashion, etc., but I'm also a lover of all things 90s; from punk music to grungy style (my son DJ is the "Blink-182" cake smash baby seen on my portfolio), and I am obsessed with being active, getting dirty and going on adventures! As a snowboarder, the mountains are my second home, and being spontaneous is how I like to live, but I also enjoy the lazy days filled with cuddling, movies, and LOTS of junk food. I would consider myself a professional Amazon shopper, and I'm pretty sure my husband would too. "Presents for Mommy" as my son calls it, are constantly being delivered 😆. Pre-mommy days, one of those "presents" happened to be a new camera! 


I always knew that I was meant to be in the creative field, so I orginally went to school for fashion design/merchandising. I really wanted to pursue that as a career, but I ended up getting a job at a law firm to have a steady paycheck. I worked there for about 3 years, but my co-workers, and myself knew that the 9-5 office job was not for me. I considered going back to school for Cosmetology since I have strong passion for makeup/hair, but after quitting the law firm, I ended up going back to my fashion roots and opening a customized purse company. During the purse making days, I purchased a "good" camera to take pictures of my creations, but quickly realized that having a good camera meant absolutely nothing if you didn't know what you were doing. I fully immersed myself in all things photography, striving to be decent. My love for the art of photography was rapidly growing, and I found myself choosing it over my purses daily. I felt torn between my new love for photography and my now lost passion for designing. I spoke to my husband, Derek, and expressed how I was feeling about the two. This incredible man comforted me and explained that my happiness was most important. He was the first (before myself) to believe that I could make a real career with photography instead. He held my hand through the crappy feeling of letting my purse company go, and starting this amazing journey as a professional photographer. He pushed me to follow my dreams and together we took a leap of faith to have me pursue photography fully. That was in 2012-2013, and we never looked back! I am forever grateful for his support, and now the trust/support of my amazing clients. 

Studio location: West Islip, N.Y.

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