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Frequently Asked Questions

When should I book my session?


For most session types, I suggest booking at least 4 month before your desired session date (earlier is always better!). A big advantage when scheduling in advance is first pick at my available dates/times. Everyone has different times that work best for them, so booking early can almost always guarantee you to have the date/time slot you need. This also gives us time to go through every bit of information more thoroughly to avoid confusion, allow us to talk about your vision for the session, and also discuss any specific themes or requests you may have. 


FOR NEWBORN SESSIONS: It's best to start looking for a photographer while you are still pregnant and booking at least 2-3 months before you give birth. It is NEVER too early to schedule! When your session is scheduled in advanced, it gives us the opportunity to make sure we have the perfect preliminary date set aside for your baby while he/she is still sleepy and curly (within 16 days of life) and have all the session details planned out. **Dates that are scheduled for newborn sessions are tentative. The actual session date will depend on when your baby arrives.**

Is there a deposit to book my session?


The short answer is yes, there is a "deposit". I have a session reservation fee of $100 that is taken at the time of booking, along with e-signing a contract. This is used to secure your date/time on my schedule, as well as go towards your final collection choice. When looking at my full pricing menu, all of the collections are priced to include this fee. After you see your finished images and are ready to choose and purchase a collection, your total will be $100 less.



Do you have a session or creative fee?


This is a great question. Most photographers have a session fee or creative fee for their time and talent which is due before you can make a collection purchase, but I do not. I have a session reservation fee of $100 used to secure your date/time slot with me, but this go towards your final collection choice. 100% of your payments are going towards your edited digital images, prints and products.  



How long will my session be?


Session length ranges from 30 minutes to 4 hours depending on the type of session you book.


•A newborn session is the longest, running anywhere from 2-4 hours to allow enough time to feed, soothe and safely pose the baby.

•Maternity, cake smash|birthday, milestone or other general portrait sessions involving just a toddler usually range from 45 minutes to 1 hour since the child will end up loosing interest and getting bored pretty quickly. Trying to push them longer can result in a very unhappy baby. 

•Sessions like family or engagement will last around 1 hour. 


Where will my session take place?


• All newborn sessions will take place in my West Islip home studio.

• Cake smash sessions take place in my West Islip home studio. 

• Maternity & family sessions will take place outdoors at a location of your choice during "golden hour". In the case of bad weather, your session will be rescheduled to a later date. No in-studio sessions are available for these sessions. 

*Outdoor sessions with children are available in the Spring, Summer & Fall only. Maternity sessions are available in the Winter upon request. Inquire for details. 

Do you offer in-home sessions?


Unfortunately, I do not. I currently offer in-studio or on-location outdoor sessions only.   

May we take pictures at our session?


Because sessions are time sensitive, I do not allow the use of any cameras (videos, DSLRs, cellphones, etc.) during the session. The final images that will be presented in your gallery are of the highest quality, and will document this special time perfectly at the correct angle with proper lighting/editing.


How many final images will I receive? 


The amount of final digital images you receive will vary depending on which session/collection you book/purchase. Each includes a different amount of images, and you also have the option to purchase more, so there is no set number. However, in the online gallery used to choose your final digital images from, I will show approximately 25-50+ soft proof portraits. I never cap this number! If there are more than 50 images that meet my professional standards, I promise they will be in your gallery. This number also does not included the black and white option available for some images. For example: If there are 50 *different* images, then your final gallery could consist of a 100 images total, if all look amazing in color & black and white (black and white doesn't always compliment an image). 


Why 25-50? Let's say I take approximately 250-400 pictures per session (thank you digital SD cards & 10 images per second camera!). If I were to edit every image, there would be many duplicates where the subject looks exactly the same (that's where the 10 images per second comes in), as well as, images where the subject is blinking or turning away. I go through each and every image, select the best ones, and then edit those to perfection. You will never have to worry about "missing out" on an image that I didn't include because there is a reason why I didn't edit it. Like I said above, if it's an amazing image that meets my professional standards, I PINKY PROMISE it will be in your gallery!


How many poses, props, etc. are used during my newborn session and may I bring in my own props? 


As far as props/sets, it depends on the collection you choose, and how the baby is feeling the day of the session. It's hard to say a specific number, but I lay my sessions out this way: 5-8 bean bag poses all styled with different hats/headbands/outfits/wraps etc. and taken at various angles to maximize variety. I then move into macro images (extreme closeups), if applicable, of lips/eyelashes/fingers/toes. After macros I move into props (buckets, beds, baskets, etc.); I do 1-3 props styled with different hats/headbands/outfits/wraps. If the baby is cooperative, this flow usually yields about 30-60 different images and those images are also converted to black and white. The bean bag poses I mentioned are done on 2 different colored backdrops (posing blankets), and then props (buckets, beds, baskets etc.) are done on a white wash vintage or dark vintage wood backdrop. After props, I do parent images at the very end, if wanted. *Siblings are welcome at the beginning or end depending on their schedule*


I have all you will need for your session by providing ALL props, backdrops, blankets, outfits, headbands, wraps, hats..etc., but I do allow you to bring in a MAXIMUM of 2 props from home if you'd like to incorporate any meaningful items into your images (1 blanket/headband/hair bow/hat counts as 1 prop, etc.).

When and how do I see my final edited images?


Once the session is completed, it may take 2-6 weeks to receive your proofing gallery. I offer a watermarked online gallery for viewing purposes only, so you can see your images and choose which ones you'd like to purchase as part of your collection. After you choose your images, you will be invoiced for the remaining balance and I will fully edit those selections to perfection! Please note: the proofing gallery will be open for 7 days and are watermarked to avoid downloading/sharing/printing. If the online gallery expires without an order, your images will be archived and a $75 reactivation fee will be charged to reopen the gallery so an order can be placed, no exceptions. If you need an extension for ordering, it is $15/day.

How do I pay for my collection and products?


PAYMENT: I accept cash, check, all major credit cards, VENMO, and Chase QuickPay (Zelle) the day of your session for the remaining balance.

What if I want to order more digitals/prints/products after I've already made a purchase, do you keep my images?


You are more than welcome to order more digitals/prints/products after you've placed and paid for an order. I do not get rid of ANY edited images, even the ones you did not purchase. I think that it is important for my client's to know their images are safe and give them the option to order more down the road as they please. 



I've changed my mind, can I cancel or alter my order?


Due to the custom nature of photography, I do not allow order cancellations or changes to sizes, images and products after the order invoice is paid for in full or when the down payment is made for payment plans. I do however, allow you to add items on to an existing order. 


What is the best way to contact you?


Email is by far the best way to contact me. You can head over to the CONTACT page, or email me at I respond to emails that arrive within business hours (Tuesday-Saturdays, 10am-7pm) very quickly. With emails, I am able to go into more detail, and you'll have the chance to look back at what I had sent whenever you like. Text message is the best way to contact me if we've already booked a date/time and went over session details, but you have questions pertaining to directions, last minute changes or to let me know your new little bundle of joy has arrived. Calls are always welcome (by appointment), but the amount of information can be overwhelming and confusing if not seen in writing (plus, I'll need to email you anyway with booking information). I also do not answer calls while I am working with other clients, so email or text is the way to go! 


Why should I choose you as my photographer?


• First, and most importantly, I am passionate about photography and also about customer service. I strive to not only provide you with wonderful images that you will love forever, but also with the care and attention you need during the entire process: planning, the day of, and after the shoot through the final production of beautiful edited images/heirloom products.

• I believe in quality over quantity, so while you may see some photographers offering 100s of images on a disk, the chances are there will be multiple crops of the same image or images with inconsistent and easily dated editing.

• Each image I take will be edited to the highest standard to ensure the finished image is one you will be proud to hang on your wall for many years to come.

•​ I use high quality equipment from ​camera and lenses to ​backgrounds, lighting and props.

• I have a "Build Your Own" business model when it comes to most services that I offer. All of my collections were created to be fully customizable to fit your needs. By following this business model, you get the most out of your session without feeling restricted or as if you invested in something unnecessary

• I want your shoot to be fun and enjoyable so I will spend time getting to know you and your little ones to coax out those natural, happy smiles.

If you have any other questions or would like more information

about booking, feel free to contact me!

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