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Your Newborn Session Questions, Answered Here! | Gina Gentile Photography, Long Island, New York

Gina Gentile Photography, Newborn Photography, Long Island, New York

Congratulations, you're expecting!

If you're interested in getting professional newborn portraits done, but don't know where to start, let me begin by saying it is best to plan and book your newborn session before your little bundle of joy arrives (preferably 2-3 months before). I typically schedule newborn sessions 1 week after mamma's due date, leaving room for unexpected early or delayed delivery (if you are having a scheduled c-section, we will book 1 week after that date). As we all know, birth is unpredictable so the date we book will be tentative. I do this so you are on my schedule. The actual date of the session may vary by a few days depending on when you deliver. Getting your baby into the studio within the first 14 days of life is the secret to those "curly" sleepy newborn poses. Within the first 14 days, babies sleep for longer periods of time and they are more flexible. Most newborns hit a growth spurt around the 2.5 week mark, causing them to be awake longer and discovering the joy of STRETCHING!

So, you're super excited that you've scheduled your session, but, what now? First and foremost, relax! You're going to need plenty of rest as you anticipate the arrival of your baby. Once your baby arrives, please let me know through text message/email as soon as possible. I can not stress how important it is to contact me as soon as possible when your baby is here just in case we need to make last minute changes to the date we orginally scheduled. Contacting me later may result in the session being delayed, and as I said above, within 14 days of life is best. Pictures of your new little one are always welcome too, I love seeing them so fresh!

Prepping for the session:

Newborn session clients will receive a detailed prep guide to help you plan and prepare before your session. It includes details on what to wear and what to bring. Please be sure to read through the entire PDF. It's 5 pages and makes a world of difference. I will also send you a link to fill out a brief questionnaire to help me prepare and style your session just for you!

The prep guide will go into more detail, but here is an example of some major topics it will go over:

1. My studio is kept at or around 80-85 degrees for every newborn session (yes, even in the summer!). Babies can't regulate their body temperature and they sleep more soundly when they are warm. Since they're going to be in their birthday suit for a majority of the time, we wouldn't want them cold because that will result in a fussy baby. I always suggest that parents dress in loose fitting clothing to keep cool. *If you’re planning on having parent/sibling photo; dress in neutral, solid colors.*

2. A newborn photo shoot is unlike any other session. There is a lot more attention and care involved; therefore, I plan more time when photographing newborns. The session will typically run anywhere from 2-4 hours. It may sound like a lot of time, but this is so we can relax, feed when necessary and allow the baby to settle at his or her own pace.

4. Babies will be babies! Most newborns are posed either fully unclothed or covered with a cute outfit set or wrap. Whichever we use, your baby will most likely have his/her diaper off, and with that comes accidents. Please be sure to bring extra diapers and wipes just in case.

5. A huge perk to having your session in my studio is having access to all my props! Your session includes everything you need, such as the use of high end props, delicate wraps, hair accessories and more. I do however allow 1-2 *sentimental* props from home for a more personalized session. If you have anything meaningful you’d like to bring in, please feel free to do so. Just let me know beforehand so I can plan it into your session.

6. I want my clients to show up at my studio feeling at home so please sit back and relax while you’re here! Use the time to catch up on some sleep or have a cup of coffee and read a magazine. This is a precious time in your life so I want you to enjoy every part of it!

I'm looking forward to working with you and your little one!

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