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HD Online Player (ImTOO.Video.Editor.v2.0.1.0111.Multi)


HD Online Player (ImTOO.Video.Editor.v2.0.1.0111.Multi)

r9.gtk.dialog.options.dialogbox.cs.winform.fsdd.dll. VDMP.exe. ScreenVideo Windows 2000 / Windows XP / Windows 2003 / Windows 2008 Server. ID Software. Developer. Dallas, Texas, US. Video.Converter.Ultimate.v4.3.9.portable.exe. 306592. AnyDVD.HD.v. HD Online Player (ImTOO.Video.Editor.v2.0.1.0111.Multi) reki.rar. Complete PCSX.Rar.Compatible.With.AMD.Core.i.3.x.200.x.Efi.64.Bit.Cas.The present invention relates to a method of monitoring the operation of a furnace for a refining process which includes a reducing agent such as, for example, coal, coke, metal and the like, wherein hydrogen is included in the mixture or molten metal to be treated. It is already known to introduce hydrogen into the furnace for a steel-making process and to determine the time of introduction of the hydrogen by means of an oxygen sensor which measures the oxygen content of the gas in the furnace. This operation is generally performed at the beginning of the furnace process. If there are interruptions in the furnace operation, they are recognized by the operator by virtue of the change in the oxygen content of the offgas. However, it is not possible to detect small discontinuities in the operations of the furnace. This is due to the fact that the oxygen sensor, as is generally known, reacts with hydrogen in the air to form water and, therefore, a change in the hydrogen content results in a corresponding increase or decrease in the oxygen content of the offgas and, thus, a change in the measured value. i s t h e u n i t s d i g i t o f h ? 7 L e t i ( s ) = 3 * s * * 2 - s + 1 . L

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HD Online Player (ImTOO.Video.Editor.v2.0.1.0111.Multi)

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